UC Berkeley peregrine falcon chicks named after elements

BERKELEY, Calif. (AP) — Three baby peregrine falcons that hatched last month at the University of California, Berkeley have been named for elements discovered at the university.

Campus officials announced Friday that voters picked Berkelium, Californium and Lawrencium from five name combinations culled from suggestions made on social media.

Bird lovers suggested the two males and one female be named Harry, Hermione and Ron after characters in Harry Potter. They also suggested Luke, Leia and Han of Star Wars fame.

The school selected five combinations reflecting famous athletes and scientists linked to the university.

This is the second year adult peregrine falcons have nested in the Campanile bell tower on campus.

Last year, bird fans cheered when two chicks named Fiat and Lux took their initial flights. Lux later struck a window and died.

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