Virginia Beach worker charged; won’t return to crime scene

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (AP) — A survivor of the mass shooting in Virginia Beach who doesn’t want to return to the building has been arrested on a “disturbing the peace” charge.

Jonathan McIvor is accused of raising his voice and showing hostility when his supervisors asked why he won’t return to work in the building where a city employee killed 12 people.

The Virginian-Pilot reports that chief technology officer Darrell Riddick and acting operations manager Jamie Weaver filed the complaint.

Virginia Beach’s city manager has said nobody will be forced to return. But McIvor’s information technology job apparently requires that he access server equipment in the basement.

McIvor’s bosses say that the shooting has them afraid of future escalations, and accuse him of acting aggressively before. McIvor’s lawyer says he’s done nothing criminal.

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