Weinstein lawyers try again to get sex assault case tossed

NEW YORK (AP) — Harvey Weinstein’s lawyers are making a new attempt to get the New York sexual assault case against him dismissed.

The former Hollywood producer’s attorneys say in a court filing Monday his indictment was “irreparably tainted by police misconduct,” among other problems.

Weinstein’s attorneys want a dismissal — or a hearing on what they call “the extent of the misconduct.”

The Manhattan district attorney’s office declined to comment. Police say the evidence against Weinstein “is compelling and strong.”

Weinstein was originally charged with assaulting three women. A charge involving one woman was dismissed after prosecutors said a detective advised a witness to suppress doubts concerning whether that alleged encounter was consensual.

Then prosecutors said the same detective told another Weinstein accuser she could delete material from her cellphones before giving them to prosecutors. They say no information was deleted.

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