What’s yogurt? Industry wants greater liberty to use term

NEW YORK (AP) — If low-fat yogurt is blended with fatty ingredients like coconut or chocolate, is it still low-fat? Is it even yogurt?

The dairy industry says it’s not clear what the answers are under U.S. government rules on what can be called “yogurt.” Now yogurt-makers are hopeful they will finally get to use the term with greater liberty, as the Trump administration tweaks food definitions.

The ongoing dispute illustrates how fraught it can be to define a food, especially as manufacturing practices and consumer tastes change.

Government standards exist for a range of packaged foods, mostly for one-time pantry staples. The standards were supposed to ensure a level of quality as mass production took hold decades ago.

The head of the Food and Drug Administration says now is the time to “modernize” the standards.

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