‘Wild Rose’ heralds arrival of rising star Jessie Buckley

NEW YORK (AP) — The 29-year-old, Killarney-born, bright red-haired Jessie Buckley has quickly found herself among the rising stars in film and television thanks to a string of performances that have culminated in a breakthrough.

In “Wild Rose,” Buckley stars as a fiery, working-class Glasgow single mother, just out of prison, who dreams of becoming a country music star. The character, Rose-Lynn, and Buckley, have the pipes to back it up.

The movie has had a second life on the stage. Buckley has been touring on-and-off performing music from the film. She opened for Kris Kristofferson. Next week, she’s playing the Glastonbury Festival.

The film is just one of a number of upcoming roles for Buckley. She also currently co-stars on HBO’s “Chernobyl.”

“Wild Rose” open in select theaters Friday.

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