Will LA mean LeBron behind the scenes and on the big screen?

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Can LeBron James be a player in Hollywood like he is on the hardwood?

James has long had a strong hand in television and film production, and his move from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Los Angeles Lakers announced this week could mean a much bigger role for the NBA superstar.

He’s already shown he can act in the 2015 movie comedy “Trainwreck,” starring Amy Schumer and Bill Hader.

Hader tells The Associated Press that James is an absolute natural on-camera, even improvising.

James is slated to star in a sequel to the 1996 movie “Space Jam” that starred Michael Jordan and the Warner Bros. cartoons.

And a reboot of the “House Party” movie franchise is among the projects that James’ company SpringHill Entertainment has in development.

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