Witness: El Chapo shooting victim was buried alive

NEW YORK (AP) — A former drug dealer says that a shooting victim of the Mexican drug lord known as El Chapo was buried alive.

Isaias Valdez Rios testified Thursday at a New York trial that he witnessed Joaquin Guzman (wah-KEEN’ gooz-MAHN’) order his men to dig a hole before he shot the victim. He said the man was still gasping for air when he was dropped in the hole and buried.

Valdez also claims Guzman executed two other kidnapping victims whose bodies were incinerated. He says the three killings occurred around 2006.

The grisly testimony was the most detailed account to date of the cartel boss personally engaging in violence against enemies.

Guzman faces life in prison if convicted of drug-trafficking charges. His lawyers say he’s being framed by government cooperators.

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