Witness: Navy SEAL called dead prisoner an ‘ISIS dirtbag’

SAN DIEGO (AP) — Two Navy SEALs say a former colleague on trial in the killing of a wounded young prisoner in Iraq unexpectedly stabbed the boy and later called him “just an ISIS dirtbag.”

The testimony came Wednesday in the San Diego court-martial of Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher, who has pleaded not guilty to killing the prisoner in 2017 and to sniping at and wounding an elderly civilian and a girl.

Craig Miller testified that he reported the stabbing to an officer but didn’t pursue a more formal complaint until months after returning from deployment. He also acknowledged that he never tried to photograph or document the killing.

The defense claims the allegations were cooked up by Gallagher’s disgruntled colleagues.

More former Navy SEALs are expected to take the stand on Thursday.


Melley reported from Los Angeles.

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