Witness says he and Florida woman were ‘partners in crime’

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — The confessed killer of a Florida man contends he and the man’s wife were “partners in crime” and compared the couple to famed outlaws Bonnie and Clyde.

Brian Winchester completed his testimony Wednesday during the second day of the trial of Denise Williams.

Winchester said the two plotted the December 2000 murder of her husband and that he was having an affair with her at the time of the slaying.

Mike Williams had gone duck hunting near Tallahassee. It was speculated that he had fallen into a lake and his body had been devoured by alligators. His buried body was discovered late last year.

Winchester admitted during questioning that he was a “murderer” and a “liar.” Attorneys for Denise Williams say she had nothing to do with the crime.

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