Woman charged after gripe about ex on Facebook gets justice

TENNILLE, Ga. (AP) — A Georgia woman who was criminally charged after complaining about her ex-husband on Facebook said she feels like she’s finally gotten justice.

Anne King posted in 2015: “That moment when everyone in your house has the flu and you ask your kid’s dad to get them (not me) more Motrin and Tylenol and he refuses.”

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports she removed the post after a complaint from her ex-husband, Corey King. But he’s a Washington County sheriff’s deputy, and felt so “disrespected” that he got a colleague to swear an affidavit for his ex-wife’s arrest.

She was charged with criminal defamation, a crime that no longer exists in Georgia. The charge was ultimately dropped.

Anne King sued, and last week, she got a $100,000 settlement and an apology.

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