Woman charged with aiding white supremacist’s jail escape

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — An Arkansas woman has been charged with helping the leader of a white supremacist gang and another inmate escape from jail last month.

A federal grand jury indicted 27-year-old Kennan Gililland on Aug. 8 on charges alleging that she helped Wesley Gullett and Christopher Sanderson escape from the Jefferson County jail. The two were reported missing from the jail on July 31 and were recaptured separately on Aug. 1.

Gullett is among 54 members of the New Aryan Empire who have been indicted on federal charges.

Gililland has pleaded not guilty and is scheduled to stand trial Sept. 16.

Prosecutors allege in the criminal complaint that Gililland is Gullett’s girlfriend and that she picked him up from the jail and dropped him off more than 100 miles away with food and supplies.

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