Worker, off-duty deputy wrestle AR-15 from angry bar patron

REDLANDS, Calif. (AP) — Authorities say a man who got in a fight at a Southern California bar and later returned with a rifle was disarmed by an employee and an off-duty sheriff’s deputy.

Police say the suspect had been drinking on Saturday when he got into an altercation at the establishment in downtown Redlands.

Officials say the man left and went home to retrieve an AR-15 and a loaded 30-round magazine. Police say he threatened three people in the parking lot and then tried to re-enter the bar wielding the gun. That’s when, officials say, a bar worker and an off-duty deputy wrestled the rifle away and held him for officers.

Police say the pair likely prevented a tragedy.

The 36-year-old suspect could face charges including attempted assault with a deadly weapon.

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