Yabba dabba don’t: California town rejects Flintstones house

HILLSBOROUGH, Calif. (AP) — The latest battle in the war between government rules and property rights is going down in a posh San Francisco suburb over landscaping inspired by a 1960s cartoon.

Retired publishing mogul Florence Fang has installed an elaborate homage to the stone-age Flintstone family, with towering dinosaurs and fanciful mushrooms on property that is visible from a nearby interstate highway.

The town of Hillsborough says the property is a public nuisance and landscaping was added without permits. Officials want the fixtures removed.

Fang’s attorney says elitist town officials are denying her client the right to enjoy her own property and vows a vigorous fight.

The controversy over the “Flintstone” house has sparked international media coverage. Thousands of people have signed an online petition to save sculptures that they say delight children.

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