If they stopped talking, things might cool down

World leaders sure enjoy throwing a big party. And they love to talk and talk and talk.  It’s not enough that the United Nations General Assembly gathers  annually, tying up New York traffic, flaunting diplomatic immunity and emitting excess greenhouse gases.  Now they are at it again in Paris with the "COP21" meeting of global leaders. 195 countries, churning out 300,000 tons of carbon dioxide as they gather to talk about it some more. And they often do so while enjoying awesome gourmet restaurants. 

I’ll agree with the Climate-Alarmist-In-Chief, President Barack H. Obama, on one thing: At least they didn’t change the venue. After terrorists attack it’s good to send a clear message of "You can’t stop our way of life. We’re open for business, not cowering in fear".  Moving forward, as scheduled.

But now apparently the only thing we have to fear is "climate change", the art form formerly known as "global warming"… until things started freezing over. It’s also a blood-curdling phenomenon known as "weather". Mr. Obama says time is now running out because he says so, in remarks close to his "We are the ones we’ve been waiting for" rhetoric of 2008.  Never mind homegrown terrorism, ISIS, ISIL, you name it.  If we don’t all agree and sign a new treaty by the end of next week, we’re soon toast. 

I wish he’d get this focused and animated about terrorists who want to kill us, now. 

Just to make it more interesting, some "experts" claim we’re really now entering years of global COOLING.. as some warned about in the 1970’s, before things got hot again.

Speaking of being frozen, wasn’t it Al Gore who said the ice would be all gone by 2015? Then there were some of the same hair-on-fire alarmists screaming about no food left in the world by the 1980’s, it would never snow again in Central Park and so on, all hollering about new threats. Credibility takes a holiday. 

Fun fact: My friend Charlie Duke, one of only 12 humans to have walked on the moon, told me about his recent cruise to the Arctic region.  In some places the ship couldn’t go where intended. Why? Too much ice. 

Ah, those pesky inconvenient truths. 

The President, taking up more than his allotted speech time at the Paris podium, had no problem using his version of facts to back up his new incarnation of Never-Let-A-Crisis-Go-To-Waste. It is truly amazing how someone who spent lots of time as a self described Community Organizer now sees himself as  the Foremost Authority on Saving The Planet. 

In his Paris speech this week Mr. Obama said this may be the "hottest year ever".  Well, Sir, maybe in some areas, but only since records were kept. Hi didn’t qualify the remark, just saying it was worst "ever". 

About the records: Who kept them, how were they taken? Some of our local records go way back only to around 1850-something. Well, I guess that settles it: Never hotter, colder, just right or whatever since the beginning of time because a new expert says so.

Here’s more of what the Leader of the Free World said at the UN Conference this week about the subject:  "There is such a thing as being too late," He added, "I come here personally as the leader of world’s biggest economy and second biggest emitter to say that America not only acknowledges its role in climate change but embraces doing something about it,"  One more: "One of the enemies we will be fighting at this conference is cynicism. The notion we can’t do anything about climate change." 

The current message from the White House to Sacramento and even San Diego City Hall is: If you question any of this, obviously there’s something wrong with you. Quick, do something, anything. The subject is now pushed as "settled science", even though many scientists have disagreements.  And when polled, the public lists "climate" issues way down the list in matters of importance.

There’s nothing wrong with questioning authority and avoiding the rush to "solutions", especially when so many leaders are driven by group-think emotion and are intoxicated by the money. 

Ah, the money. Follow it and know why this subject is now pushed as the biggest thing facing the Earth.  Al Gore’s become a multi-millionaire scaring people about it. He’s not alone. We are told it’s crucial to hurry up and get rid of fossil fuels and nuke power, spreading the moolah around the world.  

Our President says all forms of green energy are helping our economy grow.  Well, mandated subsidies help too, masking the real bottom line. We should explore all forms of power, certainly. But not as author Chris Horner says, "relying on Flubber and pixie dust". Meanwhile here in California we are just starting to feel the impact of "Cap and Trade" (aka "cap and tax").  The jury is out.

A few years ago Mr. Obama was touting the wonder of Spain’s renewed energy push, until it didn’t work well and unemployment there skyrocketed.  In Germany there’s now "energy poverty", after they’ve speedily gone into the brave new feelings-fed world of getting rid of  power sources that actually work well.  People can’t afford the new rates. 

And now even the San Diego City Council is considering taking a valiant stand to fight Global-Warming-Cooling-Change too, because no one wants to be pegged as anti-green, pro-pollution. 

We need to be good stewards of the earth, of course. Don’t litter or foul the air and water.  But the time for real concern is when politicians and bureaucrats move into a hyper frenzy, using a new "crisis" as a way to redistribute wealth and often enrich themselves in the process.


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