iHeart Rady Children’s Giveathon is December 9th and 10th

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The iHeart Rady Children’s Giveathon on Wednesday, December 9th and Thursday, December 10th.

The funds raised through Giveathon may:
• Support life-saving technology and research, ranging from helping kids battle cancer to healing kids from a traumatic injury.
• Ensure they continue to offer an intentional healing environment that will ultimately lead to better lives for the children they serve.
o The buildings are designed with kids in mind, with things like, gardens, playrooms, toy rooms, art therapy and bedside visits from canine volunteers.
• Guarantee that Rady Children’s is here for every child who needs us. Whenever they need us. You help to make sure every child has the best opportunity to heal.

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