Imperial 21, Olympian 14

In a tough Week 5 battle between the Metro-Mesa League Olympian Eagles and the Imperial Valley League Imperial Tigers, the Eagles landed short to Tigers 21-14. The Tigers have been losing tough ones looking to come back at the end of the game not having enough juice in the tank. As for the Eagles have soared pass their opponents only getting stung by the Lincoln Hornets last week at home.

In Imperials first position it was a scary moment as the Eagles #7 Bradley Erickson gave a BIG HIT to QB Aaron Bonillas welcoming him back to the South Bay and forcing the fumble, Bonillas stayed on the ground to later walk off under his own power, the Eagles would eventually punt it back to the Tigers. That is where the Tigers would be the first to draw blood in a 42 yard touchdown pass from Bonillas to Zeke Hernandez, 6-0 Tigers. Olympian would stay quiet for too long as Gary Cannon said if you can throw I can throw better, connecting to Ed Galloway on 48 yard TD pass.

In the 2nd the Tigers would start to drive down field but a fumbled pitch would allow Olympians Marcelo Knox-Iuli to scoop and score the fumble and take the lead at the half 14-6.

Imperial would end up kicking a field goal in the 3rd to cut the lead to 14-9. They wouldn’t capture on the Eagles mistakes as they recovered the onside kick, leading to a shootout in the 4th quarter.

Later in the 4th the Tigers would get the ball on their own 49 yard line after picking off the guy with a cannon of an arm, Gary Cannon. They would drive down the field on the back of a Savage! The RB replacement for Royce Freeman. This guy (David Savage) didn’t miss a beat as he took the ball 33 yards to the 18 and capped off the scoring drive with a 13 yard TD run, 15-14 Tigers. Finally in the fourth the tigers would drive 76 yards on the back of who else but David Savage. Savage would take the rock and score from 23 yards out to make the score 21-14. With 1:30 on the clock the eagle would have a chance to drive the length of the field and score to at least tie the game or go for a 2pt2 ptnversion to win it. Garry Cannon would drop back and be intercepted one last time and that would be all she wrote guys.

Final: Imperial 21- Olympian 14

The Tigers will be at home next week in an IV League match up taking on the Central Spartans. As the Eagles travel up to Hoover to take on the Cardinals in a non- league match up hoping to break their 2 game losing streak.

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