Imperial Beach residents take action against underage drinking

IMPERIAL BEACH (KUSI) – High school students and civic leaders are teamed up Thursday in Imperial Beach to stop underage drinking. 

Ahead of the Halloween weekend, 100+ Youth, city officials, schools, parents and others wearing "Groucho Marx" masks launch a playful, multi-media campaign – called #ItsTooEasy – aimed at highlighting the role adults play in underage drinking.

Their message: "Underage drinking is NOT a youth problem; it is an adult problem." Adults facilitate underage drinking by providing youth with alcohol at businesses, house parties and special events.

The campaign is being launched in San Diego, Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties.

It’s too easy for youth to get alcohol. In a recent survey, nearly three in four 11th graders and one in three seventh graders said alcohol was either "fairly easy" or "very easy" to obtain.1

When teens get alcohol, it’s usually because an adult provided it. Adult complacency drives underage drinking statistics and problems upward:

  • Alcohol use encourages risky sexual behavior. Youth who drink may be more likely to have sex, be involved in a sexual assault.
  • Over 50 youth (ages 14-20) require emergency care in San Diego County hospitals every year.4
  • More than 10 percent of all drivers who had been drinking and were involved in fatal or injury crashes in San Diego County from 2010-2012 were under age 21.5 
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