Inner City kids get a day at the beach in Coronado

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – So what’s the formula for success? 

Friday in Coronado, a group of Inner City kids got a rare chance to hit the waves along with about two dozen community leaders, including police officers.

But this is more than just a surf lesson and a day at the beach.

This is a chance to change lives forever.

Even though the beach is just a few miles away from the inner city, for some of these kids, it’s been a world away until now.

For the first time, many of these kids are trading the city streets for the sun, the sand and the surfing. 

Making this event even more unique is a partnership between cops and kids. It’s called, "Star Pal."

And it’s a chance for cops to become mentors and the kids to become better people.

Like any good day at the beach, these kids got a chance to do all things coastal: volleyball, soccer and of course, riding the waves.

And having fun in the sun is just a small part of the bigger picture here. 

This is about building a better life for kids who generally have little to look forward to. 

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