Inside GOP pressure campaign getting answers from FBI on Trump raid: Comments from Paris Dennard and Dan Eaton

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The GOP are pressing hard to get answers from the FBI and corresponding actors as to why the home of Donald Trump was subject to a raid on Monday night.

Paris Dennard, spokesperson for the Republican National Committee, joined KUSI’s Matt Prichard on “Good Evening San Diego”  to discuss the vague explanations that the FBI and Dept. of Justice have given in response to questioning.

Attorney General Merrick Garland attempted to assure the public that the Dept. of Justice went through the proper procedures prior to the raid, however many individuals are still convinced the motives behind the incursion are questionable at best.

“His explanation didn’t pass the test. It wasn’t transparent. He didn’t say exactly why, and we need to know because this type of raid was totally outrageous,” said Paris Dennard. “Unsealing the warrant would be a good first step to have transparency in an administration, in a White House, that has not been transparent with the American people for the last two years.”

Legal analyst Dan Eaton joined “Good Evening San Diego” to give perspective on the situation. The interview can be found below.


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