Inspiring baseball-themed Super Bowl ad aims for Hall of Fame

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – A high school teen with no hands and no feet is attempting to play high school baseball and his iconic advertisement will be airing during the Super Bowl this year in Cooperstown.

Usually the Super Bowl is filled with big brands and names, it is the time for extravagant advertisements, but this year an inspiring video of an inspiring young man will take the screens.

When Ironman Triathlon Hall of Fame Inductee and Challenged Athletes Foundation co-founder Bob Babbitt was thinking of ways of getting notice for the upcoming baseball-themed, inspirational documentary Landis, Just Watch Me, of which he is an executive producer, he knew he didn’t have six million dollars, but he did have an idea with a twist.

On “Good Morning San Diego”, KUSI’s Paul Rudy talked with Bob Babbitt about this inspiring young man and his story.

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