Instagram will start hiding users Like counts

Do you or anyone you know focus on the average like count of your Instagram posts? Well, now Instagram is going to stop showing how many people have liked some its users posts.

The change is meant to allow users to focus on the posts being shared rather than how much engagement they have gathered. Reports say this new feature is going to be launched with some users in Canada, but eventually could be moved to all users.

TechCrunch reported, “a post’s creator can still open the Likers window to see the names of everyone who hearted their post.” The app’s head, Adam Mosseri, told TechCrunch they also redesigned the profile to make follower count much less prominent.

They also note that they are concerned about influencer’s ability to get discovered for paid promotions, and how they will have their sponsored content measured by potential advertisers.

An Instagram spokesperson told TechCrunch, “We understand that this is important for many creators, and while this test is in exploratory stages, we are thinking through ways for them to communicate value to their brand partners.”

The full TechCrunch article can be read here:

But we want to know, do you think this feature could make the app a more healthy place to be for its users? Let us know by commenting on any of our posts below.

Instagram is going to begin testing a feature that will stop showing how many people have liked a post. The change is…

Posted by KUSI News on Wednesday, May 1, 2019


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