Intergenerational Games literally fun for all ages

Thursday marks the 13th Annual Intergenerational Games, from 8- to 80-year-olds, all playing for fitness in what better venue then the Olympic Training Center.

“It's definitely a good opportunity to speak to the youth as well as our older generation about being active and staying active. It's definitely nice to get out there and let them know to keep going and just keep being fit and active all the time,” says USA field hockey player Manny Martinez.

The event features 90 pairs of kids and seniors in 18 different games from baseball and football and much more.

“Baseball and basketball stuff. I love baseball and I love basketball,” says 9 year old Daniel Lopez.

What has been Jordan Pinckney's favorite event? “The football and javelin throwing.”

“My favorite personally was the hula hoop because that was the only one I could do,” says first time Intergenerational Games participant Robbie Montgomery.

“She encourages me to finish up and that's what we've been doing. But she's outdoing me for sure,” says senior Diana Jordan.

The kids are inspired by their new friends.

“You can still be old and can still get out and still be healthy and stuff,” says Lopez. Pinckney adds, “They're not just your Grandparents, they 're athletic.”

“You learn it at a young age, exercise and good eating habits, then you're bound to have an easier time when you get to this age,” says Montgomery.

Seperated by generations, but not at heart.

“We've talked about our families and you know just a couple of girl friends here having a good day,” says Jordan.

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