International Foodservice Distributors Association CEO explains the catastrophic impact of COVID-19

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – With Governor Gavin Newsom ordering California restaurants close indoor dining operations, the food and beverage industry is taking another big hit that some fear it may never recover from.

KUSI has spoken to dozens of restaurant and bar owners throughout the coronavirus pandemic, but Newsom’s strict regulations impact more than just them.

President and CEO of the International Foodservice Distributors Association, Mark Allen, joined KUSI News to discuss how the catastrophic impact the coronavirus regulations are having on the foodservice distribution industry, the power behind all restaurants.

Allen informed KUSI News that the foodservice industry is a vital part of the California and United States economy. It is second in the country, after Texas, in workforce size, sales, and amount of distribution centers. In California alone, the foodservice distribution industry has 33,000 employees across over 1,400 centers. They are responsible for $26.4b in sales statewide and over 109,000 jobs in California are supported by foodservice distribution.

Ultimately, the backbone and bank for thousands of restaurants and bars, has seen their industry plummet as a result of restaurant, school and stadium closures related to coronavirus.

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