Commuters rejoice as I-15 carpool lanes reopen

SAN DIEGO (CNS) – The express lanes of Interstate 15 reopened Monday after a nine-day closure, easing the difficult inland North County commute.

The morning southbound drive was relatively smooth, with only minimal congestion around the new access and exit points built by Caltrans workers, which contrasted with the heavy traffic during the commute hours after the shutdown began on July 19.

“A few years ago Interstate 15 was the most congested freeway in the county,” said Gustavo Dallarda of Caltrans. “Now, thanks to the investment by (the San Diego Association of Governments), it's not.”

The freeway now has two express lanes open each direction the entire day.

Dallarda suggested that drivers keep their speeds down until they are more familiar with the new layout of the lanes.

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