Investigation behind Carl DeMaio’s headquarters break-in

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – It’s been five months since someone broke into the campaign office of Congressional candidate Carl DeMaio. There was extensive damage, and items were stolen including the candidate’s strategy book.

The police investigation was recently forwarded to the district attorney to review the charges.

Police investigators were looking at two potential suspects, both former members of the DeMaio campaign.

The break-in was overnight, and discovered by staff members who reported to work the following morning at the headquarters on Black Mountain Road.

Campaign spokesman Dave McCullough described the damage.

“Cords were cut on all of our electronic equipment. Phone cords were cut. Gas cards that we give to volunteers and people who work on the campaign to provide them cash for gas, those were stolen out of an office. Out cable modem and out internet router was stolen,” McCullough.

But the most important thing in the office, the campaign strategy book, was missing.

“This campaign document, or binder or play book, is our, we call it our campaign bible because it shows our strategy internally for what we want to do throughout the campaign, and it was shocking, it was outrageous to find out this morning that Mr. Peters had this binder,” said McCullough.

The DeMaio campaign discovered during the taping of a TV program this morning that the strategy book turned up in the campaign office of his opponent, Scott Peters.

The break-in was in late May. Congressman Peters said he never saw it himself, and when the office manager discovered what it was, it was given to the police immediately.

“I can only imagine what Mr. Peters’ campaign did with this. Clearly this is political, and he said we only had it for 24 hours, that’s potentially a long time to look inside, and determine our campaign strategy,” said McCullough.

The Peter’s campaign responded today with this short statement.

“Information was forwarded to our campaign in early June, and we immediately turned all of it over to the police.”

No information about how they go it.

The DeMaio campaign had a suspect in mind, Tod Bosnich, a staffer who was fired.

“Shortly after the investigation began we believe the police had a prime suspect and we believe that prime suspect was Mr. Bosnich. The suspect we believe was involved in the campaign was a staff member,” said McCullough.

Bosnich was interviewed by police, and he has since hired an attorney.

This $8 million campaign for Congress has been hijacked by outside PAC’s, whose ads have been riddled with false statements and misrepresentations of the facts.

This has not been a positive campaign.

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