Investigation underway for Boston terror suspect killed Tuesday

BOSTON (KUSI) – New developments in a Boston terror investigation has links to ISIS.

Authorities are allowing a select few to see video that shows police and federal agents shoot and kill a terror suspect on Tuesday.

His name was Usamma Rahim.

Authorities said he plotted with others to “randomly kill police officers in Massachusetts.”

Boston police and federal agents claimed they were forced to open fire, killing the 26-year-old only after he came at them with a large military-style knife and now officials have linked two more men to the case.

Police and the FEDS said Rahim was the most vocal in this alleged terror trio.

Rahim was using social media, threatening to kill law enforcement and government officials.

Now authorities have arrested David Wright in connection to the case.

He appeared in court Wednesday afternoon.

Neighbors described him as a cold and eerie person.

“The months that we’ve been here every time we would say hi he would just look at you. He just would not say anything. Just very eerie,” said a neighbor.

Law enforcement said Wright associated with Rahim and they were radicalized together.

Then, a late night raid on a home in Rhode Island netted information on a third alleged suspect associated with the overall plot.

He is still not under arrest.

Rahim had been monitored for over two years. The FBI said it had him under 24/7 surveillance.

“24/7 coverage means we are very very concerned about this threat we have to determine with immediacy what’s real or if its not,” Ron Hosko, Former Assistant Director in the FBI Criminal Investigation Division.

A recent change in Rahim’s behavior, which included social media threats against police, prompted FBI agents to confront him. 

When they did, the police and FBI agents said Rahim suddenly turned around with a large black knife and lunged at them and they opened fire killing him. 

“This guy required 24/7 surveillance. we thought the threat was severe enough, that we had to approach him. We never expected what happened,” said William B. Evans, the Boston Police Commissioner. 

 The video of the shooting was immediately shown to community leaders. 

“We’ve made it clear we’re going to release video, that at least dispels some of the rumors and tensions that might build,” Evans said. 

So community leaders have seen the video, but the parents of Rahim still have not and the police commissioner said until they do and agree, it will not be released to the public.

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