Investigative journalist Jordan Schachtel explains the NFL’s intense COVID-19 testing protocol

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — The Tennessee Titans suspended in-person activities through Friday after the NFL says three Titans players and five personnel tested positive for the coronavirus, becoming the first COVID-19 outbreak of the NFL season in Week 4.

The outbreak threatened to jeopardize the Titans’ game this weekend against the Pittsburgh Steelers and posed the first significant in-season test to the league’s coronavirus protocols.

The NFL issued a statement Tuesday saying both the Titans and Minnesota Vikings suspended in-person activities Tuesday following the Titans’ test results. The Titans beat the Vikings 31-30 in Minneapolis last weekend.

“Both clubs are working closely with the NFL and the NFLPA, including our infectious disease experts, to evaluate close contacts, perform additional testing and monitor developments,” the league said.

A person familiar with situation told The Associated Press the eight test results were all confirmed positives, making this the first outbreak since the season began on Sept 10. The person spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity because of health privacy regulations.

Investigative journalist Jordan Schachtel, wrote an article outlining how, “the NFL has been able to keep its jet-setting roster of thousands of athletes, coaches, and staff largely COVID-free, while religiously testing these employees for COVID-19, while the rest of America registers some 40,000 new reported “cases” each day?”

Schachtel slammed the “hysterical government bureaucrats and pandemic panic salesmen on television” for claiming to use “science,” while going on to explain how the NFL is using “Real science. The kind of science that is defined through experiments, observation and experience.”

Schachtel’s article explains how the NFL has a process to invalidate false positives by using what is called the PCR cycle threshold problem.

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KUSI News asked San Diego County Health Officials what the cycle threshold is for the PCR tests administered by the county. Dr. McDonald explained the answer in detail:

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