Investigative reporter Drew Hernandez says Black Lives Matter is a ‘marxist terrorist organization’

KENOSHA, Wis. (KUSI) – Anger over the shooting of Jacob Blake spilled into the streets of Kenosha for a second night Monday, with police again firing tear gas at hundreds of violent rioters who defied a curfew, threw bottles and shot fireworks at law enforcement guarding the courthouse.

The southeastern Wisconsin city became the nation’s latest flashpoint in a summer of racial unrest after cellphone footage of police shooting Blake as he leaned into his SUV — apparently while three of his children were sitting in the vehicle — circulated widely on social media. The 29-year-old was hospitalized in serious condition.

The video shows police trying to detain Blake, when he didn’t comply, walked to his car, opened the door, and was then shot multiple times by police.

The host of Lives Matter Show, Investigative reporter Drew Hernandez, has been following the BLM and Antifa protests firsthand, and after witnessing their violence for months, is now calling BLM a “marxist terrorist organization.

The shooting drew condemnation from Democratic Gov. Tony Evers, who also called out 125 members of the National Guard on Monday after protesters set cars on fire, smashed windows and clashed with officers in riot gear the previous night.

Police first fired tear gas Monday about 30 minutes after the 8 p.m. curfew took effect to disperse protesters who chanted, “No justice, no peace” as they confronted a line of officers who wore protective gear and stood shoulder-to-shoulder in front of the courthouse entrance. But hundreds of people stuck around, screaming at police and lighting fires, including to a garbage truck near the courthouse.

Hernandez has been sharing videos of the violence on his Youtube channel and Twitter feed for people to see what the mainstream media refuses to show. Hernandez believes his content, captured night after night, proves Black Lives Matter is a “terrorist organization.”

Hernandez has seen violence among these groups every night for months in various cities across the country, and doesn’t think their anger “justifies taking down people’s businesses.”

He joined KUSI’s Paul Rudy on Good Morning San Diego to discuss the violence he has seen firsthand and why he is condemning the Black Lives Matter movement for destroying the livelihoods of the innocent people in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

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