Investigator says redistricting commissioner does not live in San Diego

Last month KUSI reported on an organization supported by labor that tried to stack the redistricting commission with its own candidates. Three of those candidates are on the commission, and two are politically active, which violates the City Charter. Now it appears one of those commissioners, Carlos Marquez, isn't a legal resident of San Diego. KUSI's Steve Bosh has been following the story and files this report.

The commission is empowered by the Charter to redraw the City's council districts that will be in place for the next ten years. The Republican Party says that decision should not be influenced by a commissioner who doesn't make his home in San Diego.

Derrick Roach, an licensed investigator hired by the Republican Party of San Diego to document where Marquez lives, says he's been doing surveillance on Marquez for the past month and found that he's actually been residing in West Hollywood.

Citing state law, Roach says it's not your residence but your domicile, i.e., where you're living, that determines where you register to vote.

Marquez himself recently spoke of a new job he's taken in Los Angeles as executive director of the Honor Fund, a LGBT organization dedicated to advocating for Latino gays. He says he'll be living in West Hollywood when the commission's work is done.

“He has claimed in the past,” says Roach, “that he lives in San Diego and commutes to Los Angeles for work, when it's actually the opposite. He's living in Los Angeles and he's commuting to San Diego when he needs to come down for commission meetings.”

Marquez has missed two meetings. Absence from three is grounds for dismissal. And he signed a form stating his home is not San Diego.

“He signed it, and he put the address of West Hollywood, California, and I think that shows clearly that there is an intent that he does not plan on returning to San Diego.”

To the investigator, and to the Republican Party, the evidence is clear. “According to state law, Mr. Marquez is not properly registered to vote and is not qualified to serve as a commissioner.”

KUSI was told commissioners are not permitted to do interviews with the media.

Roach says the information collected will be presented to the commission at its meeting Thursday, and that Marquez will be asked to resign. He says legal action is possible if Marquez does not resign.

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