Iraqi forces start operation to liberate Ramadi from ISIS

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The battle to try to retake the Iraqi city of Ramadi from the ISIS terrorists is imminent.

Iraqi troops claim they have the city surrounded.

They want to prove that they do have the will to fight despite the controversial remakes by the U.S. Secretary of Defense. He said they don’t.

Iraqi troops were seen re-treating from Ramadi last week, but now they say they are back, regrouped, re-supplied and ready.

However, at this hour a huge sandstorm is hitting the area, so the actual attack may be delayed.

Most of Tuesday, the pro-government forces were trying to find their way through the desert areas in the north and it is still not sure when the assault will being.

The government troops, Shiite Militiamen and the Sunni Tribal fighters plan on cutting off the terrorist group’s access to one of Iraq’s largest oil refineries.

Meantime, the loss of Ramadi more than a week ago was a major set back for the Iraqi government and for the U.S. led airstrikes against ISIS.

And the comment from Defense Secretary Ashton Carter who said the Iraqi forces had quote, “no will to fight” offended some of the Iraqi officials and soldiers.

They said they have fought against ISIS in Ramadi for over a year, but couldn’t keep up because of the many suicide attacks ISIS started using.

President Obama said the U.S. is stepping up its right against the terrorist group with the help of other countries.

“We are working closely with NATO allies to make sure that we are partnering with other countries to address issues of counter-terrorism, making sure that we continue to coordinate effectively in the fight against ISIL, because all 28 NATO members are members of the coalition to support the Iraqi government against the ISIL fight,” he said.

Over the weekend, Iraqi soldiers already got some equipment in preparation for the offensive.

They received U.S. assault rifles, machine guns, and mortar equipment, in addition to various other small arms and military equipment.

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