Is privatization of Air Traffic Control System good for the airline industry? 

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — President Trump announced Monday that he wants to privatize the country’s Air Traffic Control System.

The president said this move will make the system more modern, but critics said customers wouldn’t receive proper treatment if private businesses take over.

However, President Trump said turning control of the skies to private businesses would help with costs and travel time.

"If we adopt these changes, Americans can look forward to cheaper, faster and safer travel. A future where 20 percent of a ticket price doesn’t go to the government and where you don’t have to sit on a tarmac or circle fr hours and hours over an airport, which is very dangerous, also before you land," President Trump said.

Canada, Germany and Switzerland are among the countries that have privatized their Air Traffic Control Systems.

What will a privatized Air Traffic Control System mean for the U.S. airline industry? 

Jim Kidrick, CEO of the San Diego Air and Space Museum, joined KUSI with more. 

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