Islamic militants in Iraq push forward toward Baghdad with brutal attacks

The U.S. continues to weigh options as Islamic militants are taking over cities throughout Iraq. The push on Baquba by ISIS fighters started late Monday, prompting deep concern as they move closer to the capital city of Baghdad. The brutal advance across Iraq by the Islamic militants known as ISIS continued Tuesday. The latest target: the city of Baquba, less than 40 miles north of Baghdad. Meanwhile, President Obama continues to weigh just how involved the U.S. should get. He’ll meet with top Congressional leaders on the topic Wednesday. Standing by in the Persian Gulf, the U.S. aircraft carrier George H-W Bush, 5 other warships and more than 500 Marines.

Dozens of Marines and Army troops have moved in around the massive American Embassy complex in Baghdad to bolster security.

“Particularly, places like Baquba and to the south of Baghdad falling under the sway of the ISIS is a danger to cut off and essentially besiege the city. That’s worry number one,” said

The U.S. is not the only country with an eye on the escalating crisis. In Geneva Tuesday, UN Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon said he’s deeply concerned about the spread of violence.

“I encourage all Iraqi leaders – political, military, religious and community – to ensure that their followers avoid acts of reprisal and come together.”

Some experts say any kind of action by the U.S. or international community won’t solve the wider problem.

“Iraq is driven and plagued by two realities that are hard for nations to change. Number one, what it is and its demographic balance – which is now hopelessly skewed in a way that alienates Sunnis and Kurds. And, second, where it is.”

The goal of ISIS is to establish a strict Islamic state that extends largely from Syria to a large portion of Iraq. The president will meet with top Congressional leaders Wednesday to discuss what the U.S. should do to put an end to the renewed violence in Iraq.

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