“It ain’t over until the fat lady sings…”

Or so it’s been said (I’m only quoting here, so please save your email criticisms).  That “over” moment won’t happen until the first Tuesday in November of next year. Along the way there’s the Iowa Caucus carnival and plenty of primaries.  Add in various twists (including on the Democrat side), gaffes-a-plenty from contenders and other surprises and it’s clear the Hefty Lady isn’t even thinking of warming up her vocal chords yet.

So far this campaign season, the only jokes about weight have been at Gov. Chris Christie’s expense (often from late night comedians). Donald Trump has taken a rhetorical shot at Carly Fiorina’s facial appearance, but as usual she handled it well and turned his cheap shot to her advantage.

How Ms. Fiorina and the rest of the crowd of candidates fare at the next debate will depend on several things, of course, including how CNN handles the format.  One thing that should be interesting is the network’s promise to let the political stars say more, debate each other and “mix it up.”

Often best laid plans lay eggs.

There will still be a weight angle though, as candidates work to show they have more “gravitas” than the others and are big and powerful enough to take on the challenges du jour facing the Free World. As the number of these political forums increase and crucial issues take center stage, there’s no room for lightweights.

Hopefully the moderator and panelists will avoid grandstanding and allow America to see the wanna-be Presidents as they are. 

But time will tell.  Lots of time.  I am amused by the daily polls that often state something like this: “If the Election were held today”… we would see this result or that result.

Well the Election of 2016 isn’t being held today, or we’d likely have Trump vs. Sanders. That reminds me of the anticipated Clinton vs. Romney Election of 2008. So much for such snapshots along the long road to the White House.

It’s not over until it’s over, no matter who is providing the current sweet music.  And we’ll likely find some of the “front runners” from today will be singing the blues during 2016.


  • More specifics this time from Donald Trump?
  • Can Carly Fiorina (and other candidates) spend less time hitting each other and focus more energy on Hillary, Sanders and company?
  • Will Trump again call my friend Hugh Hewitt a “third rate journalist?”  Funny how The Donald loved being on Hewitt’s radio show almost daily until he got a couple questions he didn’t like. (HH is on the panel at the debate.)
  • Will Gov. Scott Walker have a strong showing?  He needs one fast, or he may have to drop out sooner.  
  • How many times with candidates mention “Reagan?" (Please note, people, there was only one Reagan. I knew Ronald Reagan and he’s not on stage this time.)
  • Sen. Marco Rubio? Strong showing in Fox News debate. This time he may look more like the grown up in the room if others break out the Twister game and wrestle Trump all night.
  • Can Dr. Ben Carson stay closest to Trump in the polls or is he too low key for this game?
  • Will Sen. Ted Cruz find a way to sound more warm and human (as he really is, one-to-one) rather than always sounding smart but strident.
  • Besides Trump-Fiorina fireworks, I expect strong performances from Gov. Chris Christie, Rubio, Cruz and Gov. John Kasich.
  • WILD CARD: Don’t underestimate Kasich.  He has potential to rise quickly and surprise pundits when Americans get tired of the rest of the political parade.





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