It’s Really the Thing!

Mexico sends a lot of things north across the border, people, drugs, fruit, vegetables, tequila and some very popular Coca Cola.  Some people are passionate about their cola.  It can't be Pepsi, for sure.  It must be just the right temperature and now, it seems, some people want their Coke to come from Mexico and there's a good reason.  In stores here in San Diego, managers say they have a hard time keeping enough of it in stock.  

Mexican Coca Cola is made with real cane sugar, not high fructose corn syrup.  The real aficionados of cola can tell the difference and they will wait for the “real” stuff instead of settling for an American Coke.  Price does not seem to matter.  Mexican Coke sometimes goes for twice as much as American Coke, but it still flies off the shelves.

I recall in the 70's, when I was in college, we used to pack the car and drive from southern Wisconsin to St. Louis to buy Coors beer.  At that time, Coors was not pasteurized and could not be trucked around the country without refrigeration so you could only buy it in a few states bordering Colorado.  It supposedly tasted better, but after about 4 of them it was hard to tell.  We loaded up the trunk and headed back to the dorm and could sell it there for twice what we paid.  Those who love their Mexican Coke apparently feel the same way.

For years now, local beverage distributors have complained about this invasion of Mexican soda pop, but most also agree it is not significantly cutting into their San Diego business.  By the way, Dr. Pepper also produces a version of soda using real cane sugar and it is made in the USA in a plant in Texas.

So while we debate what do about illegal immigration, we should also remember the good things that sometimes come across the border.  We need to stop the illegal drugs and those without legal immigration documents, but let's at least keep the tequila and the Coke coming.

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