Jack Fisher for Mayor of Imperial Beach: Focus on community services and food insecurity

IMPERIAL BEACH (KUSI) – The current Mayor Pro Tempore of Imperial Beach, Jack Fisher, is running for Mayor of IB in the coming Midterm Elections.

His focuses are as follows:

• COMMUNITY SERVICES: Continue to build the parks and recreation and community services programs that focus on the physical and mental well being of children, seniors and everyone in between.

• FOOD INSECURITY: Find innovative ways through ongoing partnerships with local organizations to continue outreach efforts to help those facing food insecurities by providing nutritious food and education.​

• MEASURE I FUNDS: Ensure continuing accountability and transparency for the taxes collected from Measure I fund programs that keep our neighborhoods safe and clean​

• LOCAL ENGAGEMENT: Build and strengthen Imperial Beach with a collaborative approach to leadership with engagement from the local government, business leaders, the community, and the education sectors.​

• BETTER COMMUNICATION: Increase attendance and engagement at City Council Meetings through digital and neighborhood walking campaigns, and have quarterly Town Hall Meetings in each district so the community can weigh in on important issues.​

• FOCUS ON THE PALM AVENUE MASTER PLAN: Find funds to redesign and improve the Palm Avenue Corridor, creating a beautiful entry way into the City that improves the business district center and beautifies the heart of Imperial Beach.

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