Jackson Pollock painting for sale in San Diego

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – There is a multi-million dollar Jackson Pollock painting for sale in San Diego. Pollock, Warhol, Rothko, are all major artists whose works continue to go up in value, making art authentication is a forensic science.

Someone said Monday the most expensive piece of sailcloth is actually not on a yacht in San Diego Bay, and it can be yours if you have a few hundred million dollars to spare.

It was brought, cloaked, to a secret location.

The faces of those who carried it in cannot be shown on camera for security reasons, and the content of the painting is why.

Three San Diego art owners who wish to remain anonymous are selling this rarely viewed Jackson Pollock original. Signed, dated, twice authenticated.

“They feel it’s time to sell it. There hasn’t been a Pollock on sale publicly since David Geffen sold his in 2006,” said Mark Palmer, who represents the owner of the painting.

He is anticipating this art work will go for $160 million.

“They found it in the 70’s in a thrift shop in NY, sold it to a collector, who sold it to another collector. We have the provenance, then sold it to the current owners,” Palmer said.

There are 800 pages of authentication paperwork.

This piece was brought to Jackson Pollock’s Long Island, New York studio and placed on the floor unframed to match where it may have been created.

The paint drips apparently contain birch from the trees on his property and tobacco. Pollock was a smoker.

There is also extensive comparative computer analysis.

There is no question to the owners. This is the real deal.

“If Jackson Pollock himself came in here with this and said he painted it, there would be people who say, ‘Prove it!'” Palmer said.

Pollock was known as “Jack the Dripper” for his unique technique and style. The circumstances of his death, in a car accident where his lover survived, adds to the allure.

“Anytime a Pollock comes on the market it would be hot right now,” said Scott Atkinson, who is a fine art appraiser.

Atkinson was shown a video of the work, he obviously cannot judge the authenticity that way, but he said it’s hard to tell sometimes. There are a lot of people turning out convincing fakes.

“You’re really taking a gamble very often there’s nothing you can do. It’s a buyer beware market,” Atkinson said.

Atkinson said people who have money are spending it right now on art.

The owners apparently have gotten a lot of interest from buyers overseas.

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