Jacumba Springs to receive 5th sexually violent predator in community

JACUMBA HOT SPRINGS (KUSI) – William Stafford, a sexually violent predator with a long history of repeat rape convictions, is meant to be transferred to the Jacumba community on conditional release.

KUSI’s Logan Byrnes was joined by Sarah Thompson, a community activist in Jacumba, to discuss the affect this SVP could have on her community.

Stafford committed a series of sexual assaults in 1971, one of which was against a minor. In 1977, following probational release, Stafford committed sexual offenses against three different victims, one of whom was 15 years old. He pled guilty to forcible rape.

Stafford is classified as a sexually violent predator (SVP), a designation for those convicted of sexually violent offenses and diagnosed with a mental disorder that makes them likely to re-offend. After serving their prison sentences, SVPs undergo treatment at state hospitals, but may also petition courts to continue treatment in supervised outpatient locations.

The San Diego Superior Court has ordered the conditional release of Stafford to 42457 Old Highway 80, Jacumba, CA 91934.

The hearing is set for Sept. 30, when the SAFE Task Force will be accepting public comments about the proposed placement.

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