Jailed U.S. Marine speaks out from Mexican jail cell

A U.S. Marine Corps Reservist is speaking out from his jail cell in Mexico, proclaiming his innocence, again.

Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi says he’s hopeful and optimistic that he might go free soon.  There’s a court hearing in his case this week.  Tahmooressi was arrested in late March after driving into Mexico with three firearms in his truck.  

“I’m not a guilty man, and you can probably hear it from my voice and the sincerity in my voice. I’m innocent and it was just big mistake. I never meant to be in Mexico. I wouldn’t go about trying to sell my guns to criminals. For one, I’m not a criminal. And I don’t like any criminal activity. I especially don’t like any cartel people. I feel like the punishment was never necessary from the beginning. I made it very obvious that it was a mistake for me to be here. They even told me that they were going to escort me back to America, but once the  1/8Mexican 3/8 military people got involved, they were like, ‘Look what we found, we found these guns, good for us. Let’s get this guy incriminated.’ I don’t think I deserve any punishment and I definitely don’t deserve any more punishment. I deserve to be set free because I’m not a criminal.”

Tahmooressi maintains he took a wrong turn on the California side of the border into Tijuana, Mexico the night of March 31.  He was detained by Mexican Border Officials for possessing a 45-caliber pistol.  A 12-Guage pump shotgun and an AR-15 rifle. 

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