‘Jeff & Jer’ back in business

SAN DIEGO (CNS) – Soft rock radio station KYXY-FM announced Wednesday that Jeff Detrow and Jerry Cesak, the San Diego duo better known as “Jeff and Jer,” will return to the airwaves as the station's new morning show.

Starting on Monday, Detrow and Cesak, along with other members of their team, Laura Cain and producer “Little” Tommy Sablan, will host the “Jeff and Jer Showgram” from 6 to 10 a.m. weekdays, the station announced this morning.

Though their local radio history dates back to 1988, “Jeff and Jer” have been absent from the morning commute since 2009 when they abruptly left their previous station amid stalled contract negotiations.

Today's announcement came as no surprise. Cesak posted a message on his blog Tuesday that said to return this morning for an announcement on their new radio station gig. The web page for KYXY also had a message to expect a “major announcement” this morning.

Also, Internet sites that cover the San Diego radio scene have speculated recently that the two were negotiating with CBS Radio, which owns the station.

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