Jerabek Park closed after it’s vandalized over the weekend

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – A Scripps Ranch park closed after vandals caused thousands of dollars in damage to the ball field this past weekend.
Eager to find the vandals, the Scripps Ranch Civic Association (SRCA) has offered a $1,000 reward to anyone with information leading to an arrest.
“I was thinking it was one car doing one doughnut like we normally get, but this was someone out here for a fair amount of time,” said Bob Ilko, President of Scripps Ranch Civic Association (SRCA). “The damage is probably the worst we’ve ever had.”
Ilko said they found track marks on the field of Jerabek Park early Sunday morning in Scripps Ranch. He said it looked like someone drove a large truck in doughnuts all across their field. It raised the turf and ripped up the grass. They found 21 sprinkler heads broken.
“It just shows the carelessness and the disregard for the community,” said Ilko.
The ground was already pretty soft from the storm just days before the vandalism and that made the damage from the truck worse.
SRCA said the repairs could cost thousands of dollars. After assessing the damage, they estimated it will cost $10,000.
They will need to rip out and replant the grass and then individually dig up and replace each sprinkler head.
“Why they do that when they know that kids come here during the day,” said Elsa Miranda who frequents the park with her two kids.
Folks with the city came out to tamp down some of the turf, but it’s still not safe to use.
Ilko said it will get repaired, but it will take time. This has taken away from the community, hurting the families that love and enjoy the park.
“It’s taking away from somebody else,” said Ilko. “For somebody to joyride for 20 minutes out here is going to cost the soccer tournament two play fields, and this is a really big important soccer tournament for our soccer club.”
SRCA said the park will be closed for at least a month or until it’s fully repaired.
There were no cameras near the field, but the community group asked homeowners that live nearby to look at their own video surveillance.
If you have any information, you can reach the SRCA at


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