Jeremy Green sentenced to 35 years to life

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Jeremy Adam Green, 40, was sentenced Friday to 35 years to life in a state prison for the murder of his wife.

Green used a shotgun to kill his estranged wife in a Scripps Ranch parking lot following a marriage counseling session, then fled to Mexico before surrendering at the border six days later.

Green pled guilty in October to first-degree murder in the June 6 death of 37-year-old Tressa Green. `   

"It’s a tragedy. Everybody loses on all sides," Superior Court Judge Louis Hanoian said. "It’s an unspeakable event."   

The victim’s aunt, Cheryl Gray, said the defendant was a "selfish monster" for leaving the couple’s three children without a mother.    

"Jeremy is a sick individual," Gray said.    

Briana Calkins, the defendant’s 18-year-old stepdaughter, wrote a letter in support of him. It was read in court by Deputy Public Defender Julie Gibson.    

Calkins said in the letter that "He has always been an honorable man" and this violent act is "so not like him."   

At Green’s arraignment, Deputy District Attorney Julie Lynn said the defendant and the victim went to a counseling session at 1 p.m. at his suggestion.   

When the session was over about 2 p.m., the victim tried to get in the passenger seat of the defendant’s car, and he went to the trunk, retrieved a shotgun and shot her, Lynn said.   

While his wife was on the ground, the defendant shot her two more times and left her for dead, then fled, the prosecutor said.   

Green drove to the border, changed his shirt and put on a baseball cap before walking into Mexico, Lynn said.   

Green was arrested June 12 at the San Ysidro border crossing after voluntarily returning from Cancun, Mexico.   

The couple had been married since 2005 and Tressa Green filed for divorce in April.

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