Jerry Jones says the Dallas Cowboys plan on playing their home games in front of fans

DALLAS (KUSI) – At the Dallas Cowboys first training camp press conference, the team’s owner, Jerry Jones, announced that they want to play in front of fans this season.

“The Dallas Cowboys plan on playing football, and we plan on playing in front of our fans,” he told the media. “I think it’s important. I think it’s important individually. I think it’s important for the country.

“The NFL can be an inspirational part of how we address COVID, not only this year but how we go into 2021,” Jones continued.

Jones didn’t speculate on how many tickets he could sell to fans, but cited the stadiums open-air style as a way to allow fans to attend games. Explaining, “We’ll adhere to all protocols and we will adapt to the uniqueness of our stadium and that’s within the protocol,” Jones said. “We have a real unique situation, and I think that we’re going to be able to really have a great experience. I think that our safety precautions that we’re doing won’t be unfamiliar to a lot of people when we look at the general protocol of the country or we look at how you get together numbers of people.”

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