Jersey Mikes City Game Of The Week: Point Loma Pointers 36, Lincoln Hornets 34

The Point Loma Pointers played host to the Lincoln Hornets in this Week 3 City Game of the Week matchup. Hornet’s running back Kenyon Sims pushed himself in the end zone at the one yard line, to give the Hornets the first score of the game.  Later in the first quarter Hartzog connected with Jamahd Monroe to push the Hornet lead to 14-0.

However, Point Loma responded, as quarterback Kyle Grady snuck his way in for a two yard score.  On the ensuing possession Hartzog found Jailen Bailey to stretch the Hornet lead 22-7. 

Heading into halftime with the Pointers trailing 22-14, the sky poured down rain of momentum, which carried the Pointers for the remainder of the second half.  Josh Ball got things started for the Pointers as he scampered his way in for a three yard touchdown, as well as completing the two point conversion to tie up the game 22-22.

Following the Pointers score, Asante Hartzog hit sure handed sophomore Patrick White for the Hornet touchdown regaining the lead 22-28.   As both teams scored again Lincoln had the opportunity to ice the game, but a fumble by Hartzog gave the Pointers a shot at victory. 

As the rain continued to pour, Point Loma used a three minute drive to take the lead 36-34.  With an incredible kick return by Da’Jon Thomas, the Hornets found themselves at the Point Loma 15 yard line.  Tensions raised high as it looked like Lincoln would continue their undefeated record with the ball at the one yard line and four seconds left on the clock.

 The Pointers were able to stop the Hornets at the one yard line as the sidelines cleared in joyous fashion, but with a last second timeout the Hornets gained a second chance at victory.  Nevertheless, a quarterback sneak by Hartzog came up short as the Pointers were able to take the win by the final score of 36-34.

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PREVIEW: If being the best 0-2 team in San Diego is an actual title that exists, or one that you would even desire, Point Loma and Cathedral could share the honor…even if they decline the trophy.

That scenario is a bit ironic for Pointers head coach Mike Hastings, who spent his younger years at the latter before working at the former.

Point Loma can only hope the solution to a tough start is to ruin someone else’s perfect one, which they can do at home this Friday at 6:30 against 2-0 Lincoln in the Jersey Mike’s and EP Save a Life City Game of the Week.

"We don’t catch a break in our schedule, just as we want it," Pointers quarterback Kyle Grady said. "We would rather be challenged now than to look good on paper, but not be getting any better."

The game against the perfect Hornets is as technical a "break" as it comes. After facing the ninth and sixth ranked teams, respectively, in El Camino and Ramona, Lincoln is 14th.

"We played two tough teams that, take away a couple mistakes…we come out on top," Grady said.

Lincoln hasn’t looked past these facts, either.

"We know they are big and have athletes," offensive coordinator Verlain Betofe said. "We’re treating every game like a championship game. That’s our goal."

This was evident in their Week 2 matchup with Poway, a decisive 50-13 win that displayed these Hornets can play alongside any team in the county.

And here’s the quote that will put shivers in the spines of defensive coaches looking at an offense that’s averaged 435 total yards in two games – they aren’t close to ready yet.

"We’re still playing ‘C’ football," Betofe said. "We’ve got a lot of work to do."

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