Jim takes a Michigander at what San Diego has to offer

The golden boy of a Go Blue nation couldn’t make it five steps from his car without stopping for a picture.

"Been a fan my whole life," one man says.

"Coach, we love you," says another.

Have you ever seen a simple college football coach treated like a rock star?

Well, how many coaches have you seen go on a world tour across mountains and oceans?

That’s the Harbaugh Way now. Put camps in 50 places. Tell people who would never see you all about your story. Anger Nick Saban. Beat him in the endgame. Rinse and repeat.

The system yielded a second tier Citrus Bowl berth in the 2016 bowl season. The 2017 cycle could net them the playoff berth folks in Ann Arbor have dreamed of. It takes players to make that happen. Players San Diego has. Players other communities have. Players that only know Michigan from old school Brady jerseys.

Maybe Saban and his crew are jealous because Harbaugh’s better at this now than they are. Simple things like a jersey to localize yourself go a long way. It sure did at Oceanside.

"Let me run to my car for a second," the coach proclaimed to another line of admirers right before camp time.

The signature khakis stayed on. But the classic blue sweatshirt was covered by a number 55.

"The home of Junior," Harbaugh said. "Always has been, always will be."

Before the work begins, Harbaugh pauses and asks for the knee. Calls over coach Rodriguez. And quietly whispers…

"Do you want to say a few words?"

And then they pray for Pulu Poumele. Earnestly. Hopefully. Powerfully.

Who wouldn’t want to be a Michigan Man after that?

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