Joe Biden has series of gaffes during live interviews on CNN and MSNBC

Tuesday, Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden appeared on CNN, MSNBC, and The View, to reassert himself in national politics amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Biden has stayed close to home, cancelling all campaign events until the coronavirus pandemic is over. Biden has slowly shifted to more media appearences online, but it may not have been his best decision.

Further complicating Biden’s effort to mount a response is the fact that his virtual campaign remains a work in progress.

While he was delivering remarks Monday for the first time from his new at-home television studio, his teleprompter appeared to malfunction or he otherwise lost his place. Biden stumbled for a few seconds and gestured to staff standing out of the frame before getting back on track with his list of suggested policy ideas to combat the pandemic.

Then during his interviews with CNN and MSNBC, Biden was continuously coughing and making gaffes while trying to criticize President Trump’s coronavirus response.

At one point, CNN’s Jake Tapper had to tell Biden not to cough into his hand, and cough into his elbow. Biden responded saying it was okay because he was in his home alone.

Another gaffe in the interviews Biden occurred when Biden responded to Trump’s tweet about making the cure worse than the problem itself. Biden said, “We have to take care of the cure, that will make the problem worse no matter what.”

The series of gaffes quickly went viral online and President Trump even retweeted it commenting, “The Democrats Best & Finest!”



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