Joey Bosa’s Mom Joins the Holdout Conversation

Bosa watch continues at Chargers Park.

The team and the third overall pick are locked in a contract stalemate. While the total amount of money is already dictated by NFL rules, the two sides are reportedly in disagreement over the inclusion of offset language and the distribution of the initial signing bonus.

Bosa is the only pick from this year’s draft to remain unsigned. And the impasse is now the longest rookie holdout since 2009, when the 49ers Michael Crabtee didn’t sign until October.

According to many reports, Bosa and the Bolts haven’t even talked since before training camp started. And on Sunday, the world got a glimpse of how at least one person close to the situation is feeling, when Bosa’s mom, Cheryl, posted the following on Facebook: "It bums me out for him so much. Wish we pulled an Eli Manning on draft day."

That would be the Eli Manning who, before the 2004 draft, made it clear that he wouldn’t sign with the Chargers if they drafted him.

"I was told about the comments," said Chargers Head Coach Mike McCoy, "but I’m very pleased with the 89 guys who are here. So we’re going to coach the guys ho are here and keep on rolling."

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