John Cox announces plan to combat homelessness in California

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Gubernatorial candidate John Cox has released what he’s calling a “beastly” plan to tackle California’s devastating homelessness problem.

His four steps are:

  1. Treatment First – Before Housing
  2. Utilize and Increase Enforcement Actions – Compliance Born of Compassion
  3. Focused Funding – Steer Money to Solutions, Don’t Just Throw Money at the Problem
  4. Lower the Cost of Additional Housing and Increase Speed to Market of New Units

But some are arguing that treatment without housing is not sustainable either.

To that, Cox responded that he was also talking about treatment while being housed.

He added that he doesn’t accept that it should be one or the other, but that it should be both at the same time.

Cox elaborated that politicians have only housed the homeless, which covered up the problem rather than addressed the cause.

“We’ve got to force people to do this if need be,” he said, referencing unwilling homeless people.

Cox added that he intends to bring down the cost of building housing in California.

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