John Cox says California is failing to mange COVID-19 pandemic

SAN DIEGO (CNS) – San Diego County public health officials have reported 143 new COVID-19 infections and three virus-related deaths, raising the cumulative caseload to 51,470 and the number of fatalities to 847, amid a rise in confirmed community outbreaks.

One woman and two men died between Oct. 2-14, and their ages ranged from the early 70s to the late 80s. All had underlying medical conditions, according to the County Health & Human Services Agency.

Of the 8,315 tests reported Thursday, 2% returned positive, keeping the 14-day rolling average percentage of positive cases at 3%. The seven-day daily average of tests was 10,100.

Of the total number of cases in the county, 3,720 — or 7.2% — have required hospitalization and 862 — or 1.7% of all cases — had to be admitted to an intensive care unit. There are currently 233 COVID-19 patients in the region’s hospitals; 72 of them in ICUs.

A total of 17 new community outbreaks were reported Thursday — 10 in business settings, three in restaurant/bar settings, two in faith-based institutions, one in a food processing setting and one in a restaurant.

The state of California reported 861,476 total cases and 16,830 deaths as of Friday.

Founder of Change California and former GOP gubernatorial candidate, John Cox, joined Good Morning San Diego and said California has failed to manage the COVID-19 pandemic and shared what he wants to be done to put the state back on track.
Cox recently said in a Tweet, “The problem is when politicians like Newsom put forth completely unworkable and idiotic suggestions like this, it cheapens their leadership & makes people believe they truly aren’t serious. It’s foolish.”
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