John Cox says moving to the ‘Purple Tier’ is a terrible decision for our businesses

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Businesses have just two days left to prepare for another shutdown as the county moves into the Purple Tier of California’s reopening plan.

Cox says business groups have been trying to get information from Sacramento regarding spread of coronavirus at businesses and restaurants, but they have not been willing to share their data.

Cox also emphasized the fact that big businesses aren’t the ones who will pay the price from these lockdowns, it is our small business people who will be hurt the most. Furthermore, Cox said California’s employment rate is way too high and “it doesn’t have be this way.” He pointed out that Disneyworld in Florida is open, but Disneyland in California is forced to stay closed.

KUSI has already spoken with dozens of small business owners who fear closing down again may mean closing down for good. Cox warns the permanent closure of so many small businesses will have immense long term effects on our community.

Founder of Change CA, John Cox, discussed the move to the Purple Tier with KUSI’s Ginger Jeffries.

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