John Dadian on Caitlyn Jenner’s chances of becoming California governor

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Political Consultant John Dadian joined KUSI’s Jason Austell to discuss the recently-released advertisement for Caitlyn Jenner’s California gubernatorial run and her overall chances of becoming the state’s next governor.

The election to recall Gov. Newsom is almost certain, and plenty of candidates have thrown themselves into the ring.

“Now I enter a different kind of race,” Jenner said in the ad. “Arguably, my most important one yet — to save California.”

Overall, Dadian found Jenner’s ad well done, but remarked that the video did not actually disclose any policy change ideas.

After the unveiling of Jenner’s campaign ad, she did an interview with Fox New’s Sean Hannity, which has received a lot of blow back, especially from the LGBTQ+ community, Dadian explained.

Jenner has as good of a chance as any of the running’s other candidates, Dadian added.

Jenner’s campaign ad source: Fox News Hannity.

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